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Wheek Away Small Animal Boarding


Phone: 07557656569

Small Animal Boarding

Established 2014

  INDOOR CAGES- Guinea Pigs & Rabbits

We have 12 indoor cages, 7 with individual webcams. We use Megazorb bedding as it is absorbent and not dusty but we also have vetbed/fleece bedding available on request. Piggies are fed with good quality hay and Readigrass and have fresh vegetables for breakfast and tea.

We are happy to board guinea pigs that need medication during their stay or who may be elderly or have special needs. We are also able to put dividers in cages for those piggies who may share a cage but do not get on. We will try to accommodate any special requirements your piggies may need.

We have limited availability to board house rabbits due to the space required for them to be able to exercise, and are only able to board single rabbits indoor. Please get in touch for further information on indoor rabbit boarding. All rabbits must be fully vaccinated.

 Other small pets


 We offer boarding for other small  pets such as  chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, mice,degus and budgies. They  must be provided with their own secure cage  and bedding.

Unfortunately we do not board rats or ferrets.